Lookafteryourdog Daycare Centre Re-opening

14th May 2020
Lookafteryourdog Daycare Centre Re-opening

I am pleased to announce that your Lookafteryourdog Daycare Centre will be re-opening on Tuesday 19/05/20.  We will of course, as well as drawing on our long experience in dog welfare, be implementing any Covid-19 Government guidance.  You can be assured the well-being of customers and their dogs will be top of mind as we re-open and begin to grow our business.  The daycare layout has been changed to make the playing area larger and a gate system so that you can drop your dog off and pick up while socially distancing.

We have been busy while we were closed and the daycare has had a paint job in and out, getting rid of the winter grime and making it clean and white. The middle fence has been removed and the area increased by at least a third, so the dogs can really run around and burn some energy.

The smaller field which was only used for assessments has been opened up to make the larger area and a smaller assessment area created. The benefit of this smaller area is that it can also be used for self distancing when dropping off or picking up your dog. You can now pull up in the car park and see that there is noone else around, unload your dog and walk down to the daycare and then let your dog into the assessment area. Your dog can then smell and introduce themselves to any other dogs present and this will allow them to calm down and not overwhelm any new arrivals. When ready, Steve will let your dog into the daycare after wiping them down with a one time use cloth which will be disposed of. You will retain your lead and this will mean there is less to be contaminated. On collecting your dog, the reverse procedure will apply and you should have a wipe of some sort to use on your dog which you should then dispose of in the bag provided.

By doing this, the guidance is that you will be unlikely to spread any infection and you 

Please don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your dog requirements and please help us by sharing our business details amongst your dog loving friends.

Best regards Steve at Lookafteryourdog