New Consent Form

27th Nov 2019

As a result of the change in the law last year, (The Animal Welfare (Licensing of Activities Involving Animals) (England) Regulations 2018) the consent form that we request owners to complete was expanded with more information required, including consents that the law requires.

When you are 7 days away from your booking, you will receive an email and a text to ask you to visit the consent form and edit it to ensure it is fully up to date. Once this is done it will take you to a checklist page which will prompt you to remember the things that will make the booking a success.

The description of your dog and any special needs can be expanded at this point and a more in depth explaination of the behaviour and requirements of your dog, can be given.

The consent form can be accessed by the edit your dog option and will allow you to add or amend any information you wish to keep the document current and will mean you don't have to keep completing boarders paper records.

Any comments, problems, questions or issues please feel free to contact Steve who will be happy to help.