• New Brighton & Hove Dog Boarder Samantha Pollard

    New Brighton & Hove Dog Boarder Samantha Pollard

    9th May 2020
    Lookafteryourdog are delighted to welcome the latest addition to the team Samantha Pollard. Samantha has a dog friendly family with spacious house and garden, who would love to care for your dog. Two children aged 10 & 13 who love to help out too.  Samantha has lots of experience in looking after dogs for friends and has done a house sit in the West Coun ... Read more
  • Recall


    27th Apr 2020
    Many dog owners are afraid to let their dog off lead for the obvious fear that they won't come back, they'll get lost, injured, run over etc. All valid fears but they don't consider the negative effects of having a dog that can never experience the sheer joy of running free. With modern day technology, trackers can remove a lot of the anxiety and ... Read more
  • Find It

    Find It

    13th Apr 2020
    Things to with your dog while in self-isolation due to Covid-19 Now that we have a solid relationship with our dogs (see https://www.lookafteryourdog.co.uk/blog/rules-and-discipline_102 and https://www.lookafteryourdog.co.uk/blog/building-trust-and-respect_109 ) we can start to teach them how to do fun things that are win, win for the dog. The ... Read more
  • Beau missing doggy daycare

    Beau missing doggy daycare

    9th Apr 2020
    Beau is missing his pals at Lookafteryourdog daycare centre and wants the lock-down to end so he can run, play and socialise with them again. We miss you Beau and look forward to having you back very soon. :-) If you want your dog to play with Beau, just call Steve on 07814245595 :-) Lookafteryourdog Daycare Centre, Rear of Ninestones Kennels, Wishaw lane, Sutton ... Read more
  • Building trust and respect

    Building trust and respect

    3rd Apr 2020
    Getting your dogs trust and respect An essential element of owning a dog, is to understand what your dog needs from you. As prieviously discussed, rules and discipline are vital in allowing your dog to understand how to live in our world. The next component we need to understand is trust and respect. Humans lavish love and affection on dogs and see them as needin ... Read more
  • Rules for your dog

    Rules for your dog

    30th Mar 2020
    Helping your dog to make good decisions While we are all at home observing the Covid-19 rules and being good citizens, your dogs routine has changed and they are getting unlimited access to you. If you want to make good use of this time, you want to make sure that your relationship is the very best that it can be and that your dog knows how to behave in this stra ... Read more

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