Booking Checklist

In order to ensure your dog has a great stay with us, please consider the following. Some items are mandatory and are shown in red.

Prior to boarding:

  • Ensure your dog is up to date with their innoculations and Vet booklet updated
  • Titre tested and certificate produced (If applicable)
  • Microchipped (legal requirement)
  • Flea treated and wormed
  • Consent form updated

When you drop your dog off for boarding:

  • Give your boarder your dogs up to date Vet card 
  • Give your boarder your dogs Microchip booklet
  • Bring their bed, bedding, crate if you use one
  • Food, treats and chews they are allowed to have
  • Feeding, health & behavioural instructions 
  • Toys and play items
  • Grooming equipment
  • Any medicines or current treatments 
  • Lead, collar or harness