Our Ethics

With my Police background I have very high ethics and morals and have always approached things from the perspective that I never want to be looking over my shoulder having done the wrong thing. This drives me to ensure the very best service that I can deliver to the boarders and customers at Lookafteryourdog and right from the start I knew that this business had to be ethically driven. When looking after such an important thing as someone’s family Dog everything must be done right so that the owner can have complete faith in the service.
To this end, all boarders are subject to vetting to ensure that they are suitable to offer our service. Details are verified and a personal visit is made to ensure that the boarder and their home comply with all requirements. After the visit, the boarder is not accepted until licensed by local council Environmental Health Departments and inspected to ensure compliance with Lacors regulations. Only then are they eligible to accept dogs to board and even then they are subject to constant review by customers and any issues fed back to Steve to deal with appropriately.