Lookafteryourdog have moved to fixed prices for all sizes of dog for overnight care and daycare. This reflects the fact that all dogs need the same standard and level of care and boarders need to be adequately rewarded for the high level of service they provide. Our boarders open up their own homes, to love and care for your dogs while you are away. Our prices are now:

  • Overnight care - all dogs £30 - 10am to 10am
  • Daycare - all dogs  £25 - 8am to 8pm
  • Visit your boarder before paying anything
  • Flexible cancellation policy
  • Balance payable 14 days before booking takes place
  • 50% discount for additional dogs

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  • Small dog Small Dogs - 0-19kg
    (Spaniel size and below )
  • Large dog Large Dogs - 20-60kg
    (Labrador sized and above)