About us

Hello, my name is Steve Dalton and I am the proud owner of Lookafteryourdog home dog boarding service. I served for 30 years as a Police Officer in West Midlands Police and as a young officer I was attached to the dog section and I fell in love with the world of dogs and wanted to learn more.

I worked with P.D. Max for eight and a half years on the streets of the West Midlands. The experience of working as a team with a dog cannot be bought and is an amazing thing! During this period, I added a Springer Spaniel called Bracken to the team and trained with him to search for explosives; working on massive events like the G8 Summit and even Eurovision.

Unfortunately I fell victim to staff changes and had to finish on the dog section and so I ran on police puppies and helped train three German Shepherd Dogs as potential general purpose police dogs and one Springer Spaniel as a potential sniffer dog. At this time, I read about the new idea of home dog boarding dogs as an alternative to kennelling them. I set up lookafteryourdog in my last two years of service to provide me with a business on leaving the force, but also to satisfy my need to care for and train as many different breeds as possible to learn more about these amazing animals called dogs.

Initially it was just me and I looked after over 200 dogs in my own home during those first few years. As well as working shifts, full time I managed to create and run a successful business and soon found that I had to expand and searched for amazing people who loved dogs and would offer the kind of service I wanted to deliver. I have 30 great people working with me, and all have looked after many dogs for me and the feedback is amazing. I have recently added new boarders in Tamworth, Lichfield, Solihull, Halesowen and Bromsgrove which has allowed us to provide our service to a whole new section of dog owners and hopefully they will be the first of many.

Steve & Bracken