• New Boarders Karen & Dave Jordan

    New Boarders Karen & Dave Jordan

    25th Jan 2019
    I'm really pleased to announce our latest addition to the Lookafteryourdog Home Boarding Team Dave & Karen Jordan from Tamworth. Together with Border Collies Bess & Sox, this dog loving pair are offering their lovely home and large secure garden to dog owners who have friendly, social and lively dogs. Anyone who books with Karen & Dave will h ... Read more
  • New Boarder Christine Evans

    New Boarder Christine Evans

    9th Oct 2018
    It gives me great pleasure to introduce Christine Evans and welcome her to the team. Christine is a real dog lover and has a lovely home and secure garden in the Great Barr area of Birmingham. She has experience of dog boarding over the past year and has looked after many breeds of all sizes. I am very happy to have her working with us at Lookafteryourdog and am ... Read more
  • New Boarder Hazel & Carl Hancox

    New Boarder Hazel & Carl Hancox

    9th Aug 2018
    It gives me great pleasure to welcome Hazel & Carl to the Lookafteryourdog team. Based in Tamworth, Hazel was recommended to me by fellow Tamworth boarders Ed & Jayne Campbell and if they gave their approval, I knew she would be good. When I visited Hazels home, I was impressed by her as a dog lover and her personality and passion for looking after dogs. ... Read more
  • Welcome To The Team Gaynor Poole

    Welcome To The Team Gaynor Poole

    31st May 2018
    A warm welcome to the newest member of the team, Gaynor Poole who is based in West Heath and lives behind a hair salon, so you could get your hair done while you drop your dog off! The property is unusual in that you go in through the salon but the living accommodation is perfect for dogs to stay in a relaxed, friendly environment and with people constantly aroun ... Read more
  • Welcome To The Team Carole Morton

    Welcome To The Team Carole Morton

    27th Mar 2018
    Welcome to Carole who is a real dog lover and will be a fantastic addition to the team. Living in Chelmsley Wood, Carole offers her service to all dog owners but particularily in Chelmsley, Castle Bromwich and Solihull. Carole is the proud owner of Lucky and his bio says "Lucky is a very friendly and happy dog, but as mad as a box of frogs when you first mee ... Read more
  • Happy International Women's Day

    Happy International Women's Day

    8th Mar 2018
    Happy International Women's Day to all the ladies out there. Although Home Dog Boarding is open to all suitable persons, it does tend to be an occupation that ladies particularily like, especially when there are children around and the Moms tend to step up to the plate to cover the childcare, or after retirement when time becomes available to follow a dream j ... Read more

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