• Billy and Foley's First Playday

    Billy and Foley's First Playday

    22nd May 2019
    New dog Billy arrived for his first day at the daycare and hit it off with Foley who he had met before briefly at his assessment. Foley was keen to show who was in charge and it was facinating to see the dynamics of the meeting with the older more experienced Foley who is neutered although you wouldn't know it, behaving in a very frisky, dominant&nb ... Read more
  • Doggy Daycare Or Leave Your Dog At Home?

    Doggy Daycare Or Leave Your Dog At Home?

    10th May 2019
    Even if it rains heavily like it did this week, there are always breaks in the clouds and if you choose Doggy Daycare, then your dog can get out in the fresh air and play with their mates throughout the day. If it is really pouring down, then they can have a snooze like Summer. If your dog is at home all day on their own, what happens if they need the toilet desp ... Read more
  • Haircut For Foley

    Haircut For Foley

    17th Apr 2019
    Foley made use of our on-site Groomer Vicky and had a wash and dry and his coat stripped out, which is done to leave the top coat soft. I can testify that it does leave the coat very soft and Foley looks great on it. Another benefit of a good groom is to find all those little lumps and bumps that you can't usually feel and Foley has a few of them. A great ben ... Read more
  • Foley Chilling

    Foley Chilling

    12th Apr 2019
    Foley has that Friday feeling. You know when the week has been long and tiring and you just need 5 minutes to yourself before you go again. Foley is owned by a good friend Tammy, she loans him out to me to do my assessments with dogs that want to stay at the Daycare Centre. Foley is great with other dogs and he can show me whether the new dog is friendly and soci ... Read more
  • Staying at the Daycare

    Staying at the Daycare

    10th Apr 2019
    This week has seen Mom & Son duo, Casey & Gremlin the Pugaliers staying at the kennels and their owner has asked that they spend two hours a day at the Daycare Centre. The dogs are well looked after by Jayne and the staff and then get some fresh air and freedom running in the Daycare. Lovely dogs, they like to chase the tennis ball and are good with Foley ... Read more
  • Dog Daycare Website Upgrade

    Dog Daycare Website Upgrade

    28th Mar 2019
    Our friends at West Midlands Media, Rob, Stephen and Scott have delivered the website upgrade for the Dog Daycare Centre and as usual have made a great job of it. The web page is clear and easy to read, with prices, information, a map and a contact form to help give customers all the information they need to decide if they want to book. A future upgrade will ... Read more

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