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  • Welcome To Steve Dalton Dog Training

    7th Feb 2022
    Hi, I'm Steve Dalton. I have over 30 years experience training dogs and was a dog handler with West Midlands Police, training and working a German Shepherd Dog called Max and a Springer Spaniel bomb detection dog called Bracken. You can see the dogs in the articles below. Working with Max was a massive leap forward in my dog training knowledge, Max was a nerv ... Read more
  • Steve Dalton and Police Dog Max

    6th Feb 2022
    I had the great honour and pleasure of working with Police Dog 1369 Max for 8.5 years in the inner city of Birmingham. This picture was taken at dog training school at Stafford police headquarters in 1992 and it was at the school that I had my happiest days. Being paid to train a dog was the greatest period of my life and I had to pinch myself to believe that aft ... Read more
  • Steve Dalton and Police Dog Bracken

    6th Feb 2022
    This little fella came along in 1996 when I attended an Explosives Detection Course, again at Stafford Police Headquarters. I had been given a Border Collie and a Labrador to use on the course and both dogs turned out to be very poor candidates and I was feeling very deflated until an Instructor offered me the chance to work with Bracken. I immediately reali ... Read more
  • Trust & Respect

    5th Feb 2022
    Your dog is hard-wired to respond to a leader and they will not follow anyone who is considered weak, as this can lead to injury or death for the members of the pack. In prievious years this was misinterpreted by trainers as being hard and violent towards a misbehaving dog and most trainers were bullies. This has changed with most modern thinking trainers and vio ... Read more