This page will be populated with articles to help you to train your dog. The key foundation to a good relationship with a dog is trust and respect. These provide the structure that your dog is desperately looking for in it's relationship with humans and will be dealt with by an article to follow.

  • Calming a Tail Chasing Dog

    5th May 2018
    This is the delightful Shelby. A 4 month old puppy who was accepted to be boarded with us, although we usually only accept them at 6 months old. He was not delightful to my boarder when she had to put up with him spinning round chasing his tail and barking at 3am! My boarder asked me to have a look at him because she was alarmed at his behaviour an ... Read more
  • Walk Your Dog Off Lead

    18th Nov 2017
    Following on from walking the dog, when you get to the Park or open space where your dog can burn some energy, many people will keep their dogs on the lead or an extending lead because they are worried that their dogs will run away. This can lead to tension with other dogs, as your dog feels trapped and can't avoid the situation so they become aggressive ... Read more
  • How To Train Your Dog To Walk To Heel

    10th Nov 2017
    As prieviously discussed, walking your dog is a great way to demonstrate your leadership and to improve the bond between dog and owner. How you do it is very important. If you allow your dog to pull from in front, you will be detraining them and weakening your position as their leader. There are many different methods to training your dog to walk at heel and ther ... Read more
  • Walking The Dog

    3rd Nov 2017
    Have you ever thought what your dog makes of your daily walk? I think it would help a lot of dog owners if they did consider what message the dog is getting from its interaction with you. I would suggest that most dogs think that they are taking their human for a walk, rather than the other way round. When you see dogs walked, they are normally way out in front a ... Read more
  • Dog Training Issues

    27th Oct 2017
    Please don't be embarrassed to admit that your dog is not as well behaved as it should be, or that you don't have the control you feel you should have with your dog. The first step in rehabilitating your dog is to know that it has an issue. Issues are anxiety, obsession, aggressive behaviour towards dogs, aggressive behaviour towards people, food agg ... Read more
  • Trust & Respect

    27th Oct 2017
    Your dog is hard-wired to respond to a leader and they will not follow anyone who is considered weak, as this can lead to injury or death for the members of the pack. In prievious years this was misinterpreted by trainers as being hard and violent towards a misbehaving dog and most trainers were bullies. This has changed with most modern thinking trainers and vio ... Read more