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Fantastic New Walsall Wood Boarder - Christine Lee

28th Nov 2023
Fantastic New Walsall Wood Boarder - Christine Lee

Lookafteryourdog Boarding Service are proud to show off our latest boarder in Walsall Wood, Christine Lee. Christine together with dogs Lady and Stan are offering their lovely home to a dog that wants to spend time with playmates having a ball!

Christine says on her profile "I am a real dog lover, l have had many breeds of dogs, large & small. They become my best friends & are loved & cared for as best as possible. I currently have 2 very social Spaniels who love other dogs, one is older so likes the company where the younger one finds playing with other dogs a joy. I have plenty of time to care for any other dogs & have looked after friends dogs with mine. I understand the importance of exercise & stimulation that they require as individuals. If you are looking for a calm, happy home for someone to look after your special friend, please feel free to contact me. I can guarantee that they will be cared for with love & plenty of interaction.

To book Christine, click HERE and follow the instructions and your dog can be having a great time while you are away.

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