Prices Explained

Our prices are set to be fair to our customers and our boarders. The price includes:-

  • 24 hour in house love and care
  • Medication given
  • Food and treats given as per owners instructions
  • Injections can be given subject to boarder approval
  • Veterinary care at owners vets unless in an emergency.
  • Regular updates
  • Nominated emergency contact to act on your behalf.
  • Two walks a day on lead (unless owner signs consent form to authorise off lead)
  • Pay full price for the largest dog and 50% of the fee for the size of each extra dog boarded
  • System will break down the costs into deposit and boarder fees
  • 20% Deposit of the largest dog fee payable to Lookafteryourdog to confirm the booking
  • Deposit taken after your initial visit to the potential boarder has been completed satisfactorily
  • Balance payable at anytime up to 14 days before booking takes place
  • Full refund available on cancellation anytime up to 14 days before booking
  • For bookings 14 days or less, full non-refundable amount payable after visit or agreement with boarder
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  • Small dog

    Small Dogs - 0.00-9kg

  • Medium dog

    Medium Dogs - 10.00-19kg

  • Large dog

    Large Dogs - 20.00-40kg

  • XLarge dog

    XLarge Dogs - 41.00-60+kg


Small Medium Large XLarge
Deposit £2.99 £3.14 £3.29 £3.44
Remainder to pay* £11.97 £12.57 £13.17 £13.77
Total Amount
(first dog)
£14.96 £15.71 £16.46 £17.21
Additional Dogs £7.48 £7.86 £8.23 £8.61

Overnight Stay

Small Medium Large XLarge
Deposit £3.99 £4.19 £4.39 £4.59
Remainder to pay* £15.96 £16.76 £17.56 £18.36
Total Amount
(first dog)
£19.95 £20.95 £21.95 £22.95
Additional Dogs £9.98 £10.48 £10.98 £11.48
Price Calculator

Use this calculator to work out prices and costs for your dogs.Information only. You will need to register on look after your dog to complete a booking and confirm availability with your chosen boarder.

Dogs can be boarded from 10am till 10am the following day for Overnight and 8am till 8pm for Daycare (Latest time for drop-off for Overnight is 8pm). If you require a drop-off/pick up outside these times it will be at the discretion of the boarder. Pick up after 10am for Overnight is charged at the Day Rate.

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Quantity of Dogs
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  • Small dog Small Dogs - 0-9kg
  • Medium dog Medium Dogs - 10-19kg
  • Large dog Large Dogs - 20-40kg
  • XLarge dog XLarge Dogs - 41-60+kg