What we look for in a dog boarder

7th Apr 2023
What we look for in a dog boarder

Our dog boarders are the life blood of Lookafteryourdog Boarding Service. They are first and foremost dog lovers. I can always see the love and passion that a good potential boarder has for dogs and the customers see this too. A history of dog ownership is always useful because you will then have all the skills we need to look after most dogs. You don't need to be an expert, or a dog trainer, because the role is to look after the dogs, not train them. I am always available to help you with that and I have forty years of experience in all fields of dog work, to guide and support you.

What else do we want in our boarders? If you own your own home which is clean and tidy and has a safe, secure back garden, that is a plus because we can get you licensed with the Council, which is a legal requirement if you board more than a few dogs. Unfortunately, we can't accept boarders who live in flats with communal entrances and no garden, as we can't get them through the licensing process.

Next, you need to be fit and able to walk and play and look after the dogs in your care. Most dogs will need to be walked twice a day and if this isn't possible due to the dogs age or physical condition, then some other form of enrichment will need to be done, such as playing tug or hide and seek in the garden etc.

Young children at home don't mean you can't have dogs to stay, but you should risk assess the situation and never leave the dog and a young child unsupervised.

People working from home or retired or house parents are all ideal candidates for this role for several reasons. Firstly the dog is a great distraction from daily stress and with the need to walk and look after the dog, it takes you away from the things that may be causing you stress and makes you focus elsewhere. The dog is proven through countless studies, to have a positive impact on health and physical and mental well being.

Our boarders are sociable people and when out with the dogs, the easiest way for them to get new business is to hand out business cards to people talking to the dog. A boarder with a friendly, outgoing personality is a great selling point for our customers.

Loads more qualities but in essence, a friendly dog lover with their own home and time to devote to looking after a dog are the main qualities we look for and time and different dogs boarded will give you all the training and knowledge you need to be a great dog boarder with Lookafteryourdog.

To become a dog boarder, whether you want to work with us or not, contact me on the details below or book a call with me here https://meetings.engagebay.com/stevendalton and I will be happy to help you set up your own dog boarding business and we will find you amazing dogs to look after!

Cheers Steve